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News of September 17, 2020

New DFG Project to Research Digitization in Health Care (KIT)

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding a new research project on digitization in the healthcare sector as part of its priority program "Digitization of the Workplace".

Together with Prof. Dr. Christoph Rosenkranz (Cologne Institute for Information Systems, University of Cologne) and the Medical Clinic I of the University Hospital of Cologne, Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev (AIFB) will work on the research project "Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Theoretical Perspectives and Conceptualization of Digitization Effects on Human Work in Health Care", where he and colleagues will examine the effects of digitization on the work of medical professionals.

"Health care is traditionally one of the industries in which new technologies tend to spread rather slowly. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that new technologies are often perceived as a burden that is cumbersome and takes up valuable time to treat patients. At the same time, current events, such as the Corona crisis, also highlight the enormous potential of digitization, particularly in the healthcare sector. In our research project, we therefore want to examine how digitization is changing the working environments of healthcare professionals and how digital technologies can be used more successfully and in the interests of all those involved. Especially in the healthcare sector, there cannot be digitization just for the sake of digitization," says Prof. Ali Sunyaev of the AIFB.

From the research group Critical Information Infrastructures