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Neuigkeit vom 18. März 2019

Buchkapitel zu "Security of Critical Information Infrastructures" veröffentlicht

Das Buchkapitel "Security of Critical Information Infrastructures" verfasst von Tobias Dehling, Sebastian Lins, und Ali Sunyaev wurde von Springer im Buch "Information Technology for Peace and Security: IT Applications and Infrastructures in Conflicts, Crises, War, and Peace", das von Christian Reuter herausgegeben wurde, veröffentlicht.

Kurzfassung: The rapid evolution of information technologies in the past decades gave information systems an increasingly central role in society. Some of these information systems are now so critical that their disruption or unintended consequences can have detrimental effects on vital societal functions. This chapter clarifies the concept of critical information infrastructures. After a brief introduction to salient characteristics and main functions of critical information infrastructures, the chapter discusses threats and risks critical information infrastructures are confronted with and presents approaches to master these challenges. Recent attacks and disruptions of critical information infrastructures, such as Cambridge Analytica, WannaCry, the Mirai Botnet, and Microsoft Tay, are presented for illustrative purposes. Critical information infrastructures often linger unnoticed and their vital role in society remains unheeded. This chapter provides the foundations required to understand and protect critical information infrastructures so that they can be appropriately managed before adverse consequences manifest.

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