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New Research Article Accepted for Publication in BMC Bioinformatics


The new research article by Lech Nieroda, Lukas Maas, Prof. Ulrich Lang, Viktor Achter and Prof. Martin Peifer (University of Cologne) as well as Scott Thiebes and Ali Sunyaev from the Critical Information Infrastructures Research Group with the title “iRODS metadata management for a cancer genome analysis workflow” was accepted for publication in BMC Bioinformatics.

The article describes the development of a meta data management workflow in the context of cancer genome analyses.

The massive amounts of data from next generation sequencing (NGS) methods pose various challenges with respect to data security, storage and metadata management. While there is a broad range of data analysis pipelines, these challenges remain largely unaddressed to date. We describe the integration of the open-source metadata management system iRODS (Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System) with a cancer genome analysis pipeline in a high performance computing environment. The system allows for customized metadata attributes as well as fine-grained protection rules and is augmented by a user-friendly front-end for metadata input. This results in a robust, efficient end-to-end workflow under consideration of data security, central storage and unified metadata information. Integrating iRODS with an NGS data analysis pipeline is a suitable method for addressing the challenges of data security, storage and metadata management in NGS environments.

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