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New Open Access Article Published in the Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) Journal


A new research article by Benjamin Sturm and Ali Sunyaev with the title “Design Principles for Systematic Search Systems: A Holistic Synthesis of a Rigorous Multi-cycle Design Science Research Journey” has been published as open access in the special issue “Design Science Research and Digital Innovation” of the Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) Journal.

Abstract: Rigorous systematic literature searches are often described as complex, error-prone and time-consuming because of a prevailing lack of adequate technological assistance. Nonetheless, one of the first steps when conducting a rigorous literature review is finding an appropriate literature sample. The quality of this literature sample is an important factor for the overall quality of the literature review. This article investigates how to design innovative IT systems that effectively facilitate systematic literature searches. Applying the design science research paradigm, the research method consists of multiple design cycles of artifact development, evaluation, and refinement. In doing so, six design principles are derived that intend to increase the comprehensiveness, precision, and reproducibility of systematic literature searches. The results could be helpful for research and practice. The derived design knowledge builds a foundation for future research on systematic search systems and enables new methodological contributions. The results could also guide the development of innovative search systems and features that, eventually, increase the quality and efficiency of information accumulation in different contexts.

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