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Maxime Veit

Maxime Veit joined SECUSO [1] in June 2019, starting as a student assistant and advancing to the role of research associate since December 2021. His primary area of expertise revolves around combatting Phishing threats across Email and Web platforms. Notably, Maxime Veit specializes in devising user-centric and effective IT security interventions integrated into interface designs. He is part of the "Human & Societal Factors" team within Engineering Secure Systems (ESS), established initially in 2011 as one of three competence centers for Cybersecurity in Germany by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. Maxime Veit obtained his Master's Degree in Business Informatics from KIT in 2021.

More information:

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  • M.Sc. Maxime Veit

  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
  • Tel.:+4972160846108
  • Email: sr8278∂kit edu
  • Raum: 3A-11.2 (Geb. )