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MeRegioMobil - e-mobility in future energy systems

Contact: Daniel Pathmaperuma, Hartmut Schmeck

Project Status: completed


The objective of the research project MeRegioMobil is to efficiently integrate mobile rechargeable batteries in vehicles into the existing energy system by means of innovative information and communication technologies (ICT). Various scenarios will be examined testing the usability of a range of concepts for appropriate architectures and services.

A key element of this project will be a research and demonstration laboratory for a systematic investigation of concepts regarding “smart home & mobility”. These showcase studies will complement our work in the E-Energy project MeRegio.
Based on the concepts developed in the predecessor project “eCar∂home", the laboratory will represent the prototype of a “smart home” with intelligent, controllable appliances, decentralized generators and electric vehicles. Besides its use for demonstration purposes, the laboratory also offers the possibility to test the developed technologies and services before they are applied in the model region.

Equally relevant is the development of new business models and incentive systems in the field of electric mobility as well as innovative telematic services, involving route planning technologies (GPS) for energy saving and consumption prediction purposes, and services for a cooperative dynamic mobility planning (Car2X-communication).
Furthermore, it is planned to integrate the load management and demand side management into the market place that has been developed in the E-Energy project MeRegio. For this purpose, special attention during the development phase is paid to the interoperability of the technical infrastructure and the legal conformity of the services.

In addition to the evaluation of our concepts and methods in the laboratory and in a field test with a number of electric vehicles, extensive offline and online simulations will be carried out. Those simulations can examine e.g. scaling effects such as the impact of one million electric vehicles.
Furthermore, a continuous evaluation of the developed concepts is intended. Not only the designed business models and incentive systems are going to be evaluated economically and ecologically regarding the user group specifics, but also alternative concepts such as the use of backup batteries. A major focus will be put on the analysis of the resulting costs and benefits caused by these new ICT-based services for electric mobility.

Moreover, the impact of the use of mobile rechargeable batteries on network control are going to be studied in detail. The results of the evaluations will provide essential insights on the potential of an intelligent integration of electric mobility into the energy system.

Involved Persons
Florian Allerding, Andreas Kamper, Marc Mültin, Andreas Harth, Daniel Pathmaperuma, Andreas Wagner, Hartmut Schmeck, Rudi Studer


from: 1 Juli 2009
until: 1 Oktober 2011
Funding: AIFB, BMWi
Predecessing Project: MEREGIO


EnBW AGSAP ResearchDaimler AGRobert Bosch GmbHFraunhofer ISIAdam Opel AGStadtwerke Karlsruhe

Research Group

Efficient Algorithms, Web Science

Area of Research

Energy Informatics, Machine Learning, Ontology Engineering, Agent Systems, Optimization, Tele Applications, Theoretic Computer Science, Electronic Markets, Business Models, Law, Business Process Simulation

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Florian Allerding
Organic Smart Home – Energiemanagement für intelligente Gebäude
Hartmut Schmeck; Wolf Fichtner, 2013/07/25, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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Florian Allerding, Christian Beilmann, Wolfgang Breh, Judith Bremer, Joachim Fuchs, Christian Gitte, Julian Hess, Christian Hirsch, Thomas Kohl, Simon Loskyll, Jörg Sauer, Susann Schäfer, Katharina Schätzler, Hartmut Schmeck, Thomas Schulenberg, Olaf Wollersheim, Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn, Birger Becker, Sebastian Gottwalt, Alexander Schuller
Die Weiterentwicklung der Energiewirtschaft in Baden-Württemberg bis 2025 unter Berücksichtigung der Liefer- und Preissicherheit
Studie im Auftrag der Baden-Württembergischer Industrie- und Handelskammertag, Januar, 2016

Birger Becker
Steuerung von smart-home-Architekturen unter Einbindung intelligenter elektrischer Verbraucher und mobiler Speicher
Diplomarbeit, November, 2009

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