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KAON Web Services Tool Suite

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Web Services are quickly becoming the de facto middleware standard for the developing Internet-based, flexible, and dynamic distributed systems. Despite the great adoption rate and the very good tool interoperability, Web Services suffer from the fact that the issue of semantics is not yet addressed. The new research area of Semantic Web Services aims at adopting technologies developed in the context of the Semantic Web and apply them to Web Services in order to solve this problem. The mission of AIFB and FZI is to contribute to this field by enhancing existing proposals with new methodologies and by designing tools for supporting their deployment into the real world. This mission is guided by the following cornerstones: First and foremost, semantic technologies for Web Services need to be layered on top of the existing protocol stack. Languages like WSDL and BPEL4WS are established in the IT world and cannot be ignored, simply because they lack the aspect of semantics. Secondly, we feel that current approaches take a very comprehensive approach. Given the complexity of this new field and the fact that no standard methodology and procedures have been established yet, we feel that it is crucial to define and focus on reasonable goals. One cornerstone must be a solid tools strategy, which transfers research results into practice and provides a valuable "reality check". Finally, it is clear that Semantic Web Services can benefit from several related research areas such as Artificial Intelligence and planning, problem solving methods, or foundational Ontologies.

Involvierte Personen
Anupriya AnkolekarAndreas AbeckerSteffen LamparterRudi StuderPeter HaaseDaniel OberleSaartje BrockmansSudhir Agarwal


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Semantic Web InfrastructureSemantische Web Dienste KAON WS (Semantic Web Infrastructure, Semantische Web Dienste)

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W3C Working Draft, Mai, 2005

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