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Conceptual Knowledge Discovery and Data Analysis

Conceptual Knowledge Discovery and Data Analysis

Published: 2000
Herausgeber: B. Ganter, G. W. Mineau
Buchtitel: Conceptual Structures:Logical, Linguistic, and Computational Issues. Proc. ICCS '00
Reihe: 421-437
Verlag: Springer, Heidelberg

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In this paper, we discuss Conceptual Knowledge Discovery in Databases (CKDD) in its connection with Data Analysis. Our approach is based on Formal Concept Analysis, a mathematical theory which has been developed and proven useful during the last 20 years. Formal Con cept Analysis has led to a theory of conceptual information systems which has been applied by using the management system TOSCANA in a wide range of domains. In this paper, we use such an application in database marketing to demonstrate how methods and procedures of CKDD can be applied in Data Analysis. In particular, we show the interplay and integration of data mining and data analysis techniques based on For mal Concept Analysis. The main concern of this paper is to explain how the transition from data to knowledge can be supported by a TOSCANA system. To clarify the transition steps we discuss their correspondence to the five levels of knowledge representation established by R. Brachman and to the steps of empirically grounded theory building proposed by A. Strauss and J. Corbin.