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Authoring and Annotation of Web Pages in CREAM

Authoring and Annotation of Web Pages in CREAM

Published: 2002

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 11th International World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, May 7-11, 2002
Verlag: ACM Press

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Richly interlinked, machine-understandable data constitute the basis for the Semantic Web. We provide a framework, CREAM, that allows for creation of metadata. While the annotation mode of CREAM allows to create metadata for existing web pages, the authoring mode lets authors create metadata almost for free while putting together the content of a page. As a particularity of our framework, CREAM allows to create relational metadata, i.e. metadata that instantiate interrelated definitions of classes in a domain ontology rather than a comparatively rigid template-like schema as Dublin Core. We discuss some of the requirements one has to meet when developing such an ontology-based framework, e.g. the integration of a metadata crawler, inference services, document management and a meta-ontology, and describe its implementation, viz. Ont-O-Mat a component-based, ontology-driven Web page authoring and annotation tool.

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Semantische Annotierung, Aktienkursanalyse, Semantic Web