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FCA-Merge: Bottom-Up Merging of Ontologies

FCA-Merge: Bottom-Up Merging of Ontologies

Published: 2001

Buchtitel: Proc. 17th Intl. Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI '01), Seattle, WA, USA
Seiten: 225-230

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Ontologies have been established for knowledgesharing and are widely used as a means for con-ceptually structuring domains of interest. Withthe growing usage of ontologies, the problem of overlapping knowledge in a common domain be-comescritical. We propose the new method FCA-MERGE for merging ontologies following a bottom-up approach which offers a structural de-scription of the merging process. The method is guided by application-specific instances of the given source ontologies, that are to be merged. We apply techniques from natural language processing and formal concept analysis to derive a lattice of concepts as a structural result of FCA-MERGE. The generated result is then explored and trans-formed into the merged ontology with human in-teraction.

Download: Media:2001_483_Stumme_FCA-Merge_Bott_1.pdf