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Reverse Pivoting in Conceptual Information Systems

Reverse Pivoting in Conceptual Information Systems

Published: 2001
Herausgeber: H. Delugach, G. Stumme
Buchtitel: Conceptual Structures: Broadening the Base. Proc. ICCS '01
Reihe: LNAI 2120
Seiten: 202-215
Verlag: Springer, Heidelberg 2001

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In database marketing, the behavior of customers is ana- lyzed by studying the transactions they have performed. In order to get a global picture of the behavior of a customer, his single transactions have to be composed together. In On-Line Analytical Processing, this operation is known as reverse pivoting. With the ongoing data analysis process, reverse pivoting has to be repeated several times, usually requir- ing an implementation in SQL. In this paper, we present a construction for conceptual scales for reverse pivoting in Conceptual Information Sys- tems, and also discuss the visualization. The construction allows the reuse of previously created queries without reprogramming and offers a visualization of the results by line diagrams.

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