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Towards a Process Meta-Model

Towards a Process Meta-Model

Published: 2016 März

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the Second Karlsruhe Service Summit Research Workshop - Advances in Service Research
Verlag: KIT Scientific Reports
Organisation: KSRI

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Process modelling has a long and established research tradition, in the con- text of formally capturing sequences of activities, as well as the involved parties and the exchanged data. It will, without a doubt, continue to play a major role in the context of supporting the development of added-value services industry 4.0. In the medical domain, clinical pathways are a spe- cific form of process modelling. They are an evidence-based response to particular problems and care needs in clinics. Current developers and lat- est technologies, improve and refine, among others, also the expressivity of clinical pathways. As a result, advanced pathways modelling optimises the treatment procedures in clinics (i.e. by reducing the stay of a patient or the mortality rates). However, as a side-effect of this trend, clinical pathways become increasingly complex and it becomes harder to keep up to date with the latest published processes. In oder to address the challenge of analysing clinical pathways, we provide an approach to capture information about ac- tivities and annotate the modelled pathways with references to external data sources. We demonstrate the practical applicability of our approach by using our system to model an actual clinical pathway, and enrich it with meta- information and references to external data sources, such as PubMed. We show the use and expressivity of our data model by querying the captured data.

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