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xLiD-Lexica: Cross-lingual Linked Data Lexica

xLiD-Lexica: Cross-lingual Linked Data Lexica

Published: 2014 Mai

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14)
Seiten: 2101-2105
Verlag: European Language Resources Association (ELRA)

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In this paper, we introduce our cross-lingual linked data lexica, called xLiD-Lexica, which are constructed by exploiting the multilingualWikipedia and linked data resources from Linked Open Data (LOD). We provide the cross-lingual groundings of linked data resourcesfrom LOD as RDF data, which can be easily integrated into the LOD data sources. In addition, we build a SPARQL endpoint over ourxLiD-Lexica to allow users to easily access them using SPARQL query language. Multilingual and cross-lingual information access canbe facilitated by the availability of such lexica, e.g., allowing for an easy mapping of natural language expressions in different languagesto linked data resources from LOD. Many tasks in natural language processing, such as natural language generation, cross-lingual entitylinking, text annotation and question answering, can benefit from our xLiD-Lexica.

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