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Entity Search Evaluation over Structured Web Data

Entity Search Evaluation over Structured Web Data

Published: 2011 Juli

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Entity-Oriented Search at SIGIR 2011
Verlag: .
Erscheinungsort: Beijing, PR China

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The search for entities is the most common search type on the web beside navigational searches. Whereas most common search techniques are based on the textual descriptions of web pages, semantic search approaches exploit the increasing amount of structured data on the Web in the form of annotations to web-pages and Linked Data. In many technologies, this structured data can consist of factual assertions about entities in which URIs are used to identify entities and their properties. The hypothesis is that this kind of structured data can improve entity search on the web. In order to test this hypothesis and to consistently progress in this field, a standardized evaluation is necessary. In this work, we discuss an evaluation campaign that specifically targets entity search over Linked Data by the means of keyword queries, including both queries that directly mention the entity as well as those that only describe the entities. We also discuss how crowd-sourcing was used to obtain relevance assessments from non-expert web users, the participating systems and the factors that contributed to positive results, and how the competition generalizes results from a previous crowd-sourced entity search evaluation.

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Information Retrieval, Semantische Suche, WWW Systeme