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Application of genetic algorithm for sequencing problem of triple shuttle AS/RS

[[Application of genetic algorithm for sequencing problem of triple shuttle AS/RS]]

Published: 2009 Oktober

Buchtitel: SYMOPIS, 36. Symposium on Operational Research
Seiten: 311-314
Verlag: Institute of Mathematics, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

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With growing demands on the acceleration of operations and increase productivity that is set before the storage systems, and therefore before the AS/RS (Automatic Storage/Retrieval System), a need to improve the operational management and improvement of storage and cargo retrieval is of utmost importance. The paper is focused on the optimization of the cycle of AS/RS, which has three shuttle modules (S/R can carry three units at the same time), in class based storage. The paper proposed the application of genetic algorithms for AS/RS based on the principle of sextuple command cycle, in other words by means of duality of storage and retrieval where we solve these two combined operations in such a way to minimize total movement of S/R device with three shuttle modules.

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