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Proximity-Based Access Control with RFID for Mobile Computing

Proximity-Based Access Control with RFID for Mobile Computing

Published: 2009 Oktober
Herausgeber: Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham
Buchtitel: Proceedings of eChallenges 2009
Verlag: IIMC
Erscheinungsort: Istanbul, Turkey

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The main contribution of this article is the presentation of a special data model to describe access control rules for mobile computing scenarios based on the detection of proximity-relations with Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) technology. Such a model is called Access Control Model. Using this model it is possible to formulate that a mobile computer (e.g. PDA, cellular phone) can be used as remote control for one machine or a class of machines (e.g. air conditioner in one room or all rooms of a building) only when the RFID tag integrated in the mobile computer is within the radio-reach of the RFID reader built-into that machine. Further, the model also supports controlling the access to virtual objects like electronic documents. The proposed model is versatile and thus can help to tackle special security issues in many different application scenarios that involve mobile computing technologies.




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