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Measuring Similarity between Semantic Business Process Models

Measuring Similarity between Semantic Business Process Models

Published: 2007 Januar
Herausgeber: John F. Roddick and Annika Hinze
Buchtitel: Conceptual Modelling 2007, Proceedings of the Fourth Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling (APCCM 2007)
Ausgabe: 67
Seiten: 71-80
Verlag: Australian Computer Science Communications
Erscheinungsort: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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Note: (also available at ACM Digital Library)


A business process may be modeled in different ways by different modelers even when utilizing the same modeling language. An appropriate method for solving ambiguity issues in process models caused by the use of synonyms, homonyms or different abstraction levels for process element names is the use of ontologybased descriptions of process models. So-called semantic business process models promise to support business process interoperability and interconnectivity. But, for (semi-) automatic process interoperability and interconnectivity two problems need to be solved. How can similar terms for process element names be automatically discovered and how can semantic business process composition be facilitated. In this paper we will present solutions for these problems based upon an OWL DL-based description of Petri nets.

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