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Information Package on Information Security and Data Protection

Information security and data protection play a very important role at KIT and in particular at an informatics institute such as the AIFB. The heads of institute have therefore decided to provide all new scientific and student assistants with an information package on these topics.

It consists of five documents and an ILIAS course:

  1. Presentation „Informationssicherheit und Datenschutz“ (only available in German)
  2. Leaflet „Obligation to Report IT Security Incidents“
    Note: At our institute, it is also possible to report to the institute's IT support (Thorsten Rüger, Markus Zaich – email to: techsupport∂aifb kit edu).
  3. Guideline „Aufgeräumter Arbeitsplatz“ (only available in German)
  4. Flyer „Practical Tips for IT Security at KIT”
  5. Flyer „Identifying Fraudulent Messages”
  6. ILIAS course „Data protection training KIT”
    Please note that no certificate will be issued for participation in this version of the data protection training. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact: Daniel Sommer

Please read the documents and complete the ILIAS course after the start of your contract, and submit the form that we sent you to the secretariat of the research group or to the supervising research assistant within the first three weeks of your contract period.