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Intelligente Systeme im Finance

Kontaktperson: k.A.

Projektstatus: abgeschlossen


It is the goal of this project to investigate complex problems in the area of finance, to study their structure with respect to parameterized complexity and to investigate possibilities to develop intelligent systems for their solution. Especially we study risk management (credit risk, market risk, value-at-risk, cash-flow-at risk, operational risk), support of the development of hedge fund strategies, artificial stock markets, automatic generation of trading strategies, software agents for information retrieval, and the structure of electronic markets (auctions and electricity market).

Involvierte Personen
Detlef SeeseAndreas MitscheleAmir SafariJörn JanningThomas StümpertChristian Max Ullrich


bis: k.A.
Finanzierung: dKiplyZb5


DFG, partially supported by cirquent GmbH, partially supported by BMW AG, partially supported by GILLARDON AG financial software




AktienmarktsimulationAgenten SystemeElektronische MärkteData MiningEntscheidungsunterstützende SystemePortfoliomanagementRisikomanagementAktienkursanalyseFinanzdatenextraktion vom WWWGenerierung von HandelsstrategienComputational FinanceSoftcomputingFuzzy LogikGenetische AlgorithmenMaschinelles Lernen ISF (Maschinelles Lernen, Softcomputing, Genetische Algorithmen, Computational Finance, Agentensysteme, Generierung von Handelsstrategien, Entscheidungsunterstützende Systeme, Finanzdatenextraktion vom WWW, Portfoliomanagement, Aktienmarktsimulation, Elektronische Märkte, Data Mining, Aktienkursanalyse, Risikomanagement, Fuzzy Logik)

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Frank Schlottmann, Detlef Seese
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A. Mathias, F. Grond, R. Guardans, M. Canela, H.H. Diebner, Detlef Seese
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Journal for Statistical Software, Volume 11, (Issue 2), Seiten 1 - 26, 2004

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Thomas Stümpert, Detlef Seese, Malte Sunderkötter
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Detlef Seese, Christof Weinhardt, Frank Schlottmann
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Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2008

Detlef Seese, Christof Weinhardt, Frank Schlottmann
Handbook on Information Technology in Finance
Springer, August, 2008

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Christian Max Ullrich, J. Henkel
Process-Oriented Systems in Corporate Treasuries: A Case Study from BMW Group
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Frank Schlottmann, Detlef Seese
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Frank Schlottmann, Detlef Seese
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Thomas Stümpert, Detlef Seese, Malte Sunderkötter, Jörn Janning
Wealth Dynamics and Price Fluctuations under Taxation
10th Annual Workshop on Economic Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (WEHIA 2005), Juni, 2005

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