Grad.-Vortrag Heiko Haller

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Interfaces for Personal Semantic Knowledge Management


In order to make personal knowledge management with semantic technologies easy and efficient, two complementary approaches have been developed: iMapping, a novel technique for visually structuring information objects, focuses on simple use. It is based on deep zooming and nesting, and combines the advantages of several related techniques that are incompatible in their original form. iMapping bridges the gap between unstructured content like informal text notes and semantic models by allowing annotations with the whole range from vague associations to formal relations. QuiKey, is a keyboard tool that acts as a smart semantic command-line. It focuses on highest interaction-efficiency to browse, query and author semantic knowledge bases in a step-by-step manner. It combines ideas of simple interaction techniques like auto-completion, command interpreters and faceted browsing and integrates them to a new interaction concept. QuiKey forms a generic, extensible user interface for graph-structured knowledge bases.

(Heiko Haller)

Start: 14. Juli 2010 um 15:45
Ende: 14. Juni 2010 um 16:45

Im Gebäude 11.40, Raum: 231

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Veranstalter: Forschungsgruppe(n) Wissensmanagement
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