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eSkills Certification in Europe

Contact: n.a.

Project Status: completed


Multiple Certification programmes and systems are known throughout the ICT practitioner/ user community as highly important for getting into the information technology field and build a solid professional career. CEPIS studies and compares, on behalf of Cedefop , existing approaches to eSkills certification on a European and International level. The survey intends to contribute to the current debate by investigating existing modes, procedures, methods and institutions responsible for eSkills certification.

Involved Persons
Ralf Trunko, Peter Weiß


from: 1 Mai 2004
until: 31 Oktober 2004

Research Group

Business Information Systems

Area of Research


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Peter Weiß, Dudley Dolan, Wolffried Stucky, Peter Bumann
ICT Skills Certification in Europe
Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training), Cedefop Dossier series, 13, Mai, 2006

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Peter Weiß, Dudley Dolan, Wolffried Stucky, Peter Bumann
e-Skills Certification in Europe: Voluntary Approaches to Setting European Level Quality Standards
Cedefop/ CEPIS, archiv number: 948, März, 2005

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