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Joint Curriculum for a Shared Masters Program

Published: 2006 Januar
Type: Knowledge Web Deliverable
Nummer: 3.2.4Der Datenwert „.2.4“ kann einem Attribut des Datentyps Zahl nicht zugeordnet werden sondern bspw. der Datenwert „3“.
Institution: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


The Semantic Web and its technology are increasingly becoming a central element of many activities in computer science. More and more people are interested and would like to enhance their skills thereon. This demand leads to the idea of introducing a joint master’s program on the Semantic Web, the , the “European Academy for Semantic web Education” (EASE). This program shall attract people with a bachelor’s degree from computer science, artificial intelligence, or related areas. It is split among leading European universities, all known for excellence in the field of Semantic Web. They are currently already cooperating in the network of excellence “Knowledge Web” of the European Union. Within the twoyear program prospective students will study up-to-date developments in the Semantic Web area. Courses will cover web infrastructure, Semantic Web technologies, the formal foundations of knowledge representation, information and knowledge systems, and advanced modules. Goal of the program is to build a new generation of Semantic Web experts – and upskill the European workforce with ideas that point to the future. In this deliverable we report on the work towards such a shared master program. We elaborate on the work towards a joint Semantic Web curriculum and show how currently existing courses offered by participating partners from Knowledge Web fit into the curriculum.

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