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=Publications by [[ Cristian Santini]]=


Cioffi Alessia, Sara Coppini, Arcangelo Massari, Arianna Moretti, Silvio Peroni, Cristian Santini, Nooshin Asadi
Identifying and correcting invalid citations due to DOI errors in Crossref data
Scientometrics Journal, 127, pages 3593–3612, 2022

Cristian Santini, Genet Asefa Gesese, Silvio Peroni, Aldo Gangemi, Harald Sack, Mehwish Alam
A Knowledge Graph Embeddings based Approach for Author Name Disambiguation using Literals
Scientometrics Journal, 127, pages 4887–4912, 2022

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Cristian Santini, Ann Tan, Tabea Tietz, Oleksandra Bruns, Etienne Posthumus, Harald Sack
Knowledge Extraction for Art History: the Case of Vasari’s The Lives of The Artists (1568)
In on Digital Curation Technologies (Qurator), Conference on Digital Curation Technologies (Qurator)

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