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Cognitive Process Desginer

Cognitive Process Designer allows to model and annotate BPMN processes in MediaWiki

Contact persons: Maria Maleshkova, Tobias Weller Process Designer

Research group: Web Science


Cognitive Process Designer is a graphical editor, based on, to capture Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) processes and their semantic information in MediaWiki. In conclusion with Semantic MediaWiki, it allows to publish the process information according to the Linked Data principles. In particular, Cognitive Process Designer allows to

  • create, import and export BPMN processes – ensuring proposed standard formats for a facilitated communication with other tools
  • editing already existing BPMN processes in MediaWiki – allowing to add, edit and delete BPMN elements
  • annotating BPMN processes – enriching BPMN elements with semantic information.

Maria Maleshkova, Tobias Weller