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Keyword Query Routing

Keyword Query Routing

Veröffentlicht: 2014 Februar

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE)
Nummer: 2
Seiten: 363-375
Verlag: IEEE Computer Society
Volume: 26

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Keyword search is an intuitive paradigm for searching linked data sources on the Web. We propose to route keywords only to relevant sources to reduce the high cost of processing keyword search queries over all sources. We propose a novel method for computing top-k routing plans based on their potentials to contain results for a given keyword query. We employ a keyword-element relationship summary that compactly represents relationships between keywords and the data elements mentioning them. A multi-level scoring mechanism is proposed for computing the relevance of routing plans based on scores at the level of keywords, data elements, element sets and subgraphs which connect these elements. Experiments carried out using 150 publicly available sources on the Web showed that valid plans (precision∂1 of 0.92) that are highly relevant (mean reciprocal rank of 0.89) can be computed in 1 second on average on a single PC. Further, we show routing greatly helps to improve the performance of keyword search, without compromising its result quality.

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