Aktuelle cii DLT Forschung auf dem 3.​ ForDigital Blockchain Workshop

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Tobias Dehling hat am 14. Februar aktuelle DLT Forschung aus der cii Forschungsgruppe zum Thema "Design and Evaluation of a Configuration Tool for Viable Applications on Distributed Ledgers" auf dem 3. ForDigital Blockchain Workshop vorgestellt. Der Workshop fand am 14. und 15. Februar 2019 im KD²Lab des KIT statt.

©Oliver Stengele, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

Titel: Design and Evaluation of a Configuration Tool for Viable Applications on Distributed Ledgers
Autoren: Niclas Kannengießer, Tobias Dehling, Sebastian Lins, Ali Sunyaev

Kurzfassung: Assessment of suitability of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) designs for applications requires a systematic and holistic overview of the functioning of different DLT designs, DLT characteristics (e.g., block size and throughput), dependencies between DLT characteristics, and trade-offs between DLT characteristics. Previous research reveals several trade-offs between DLT characteristics (e.g., between security and performance). In this work, we provide an overview of trade-offs between DLT characteristics which constrain DLT designs with respect to suitability for applications. The overview of trade-offs between DLT characteristics serves as a basis for an interactive tool we are developing to configure DLT designs. By using the tool for the configuration of DLT designs, constraints for specific applications due to the configuration of DLT designs can be identified. Practitioners need to choose between multiple DLT designs to develop viable applications on DLT. By providing a comprehensive overview of dependencies and trade-offs between DLT characteristics the configuration tool enables practitioners to realize constraints of a DLT design. This supports developers to build viable applications and yields novel insights into the actual potential and applicability of DLT. The development of viable applications on DLT requires first a sound scientific understanding of issues of DLT designs and their origins.

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