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SIG Search

Welcome to the SIG Search!

We are an interdisciplinary team working on semantic search and related topics in the group of Prof. Studer at AIFB KIT and FZI.


  • SemSearch Workshop at WWW2010

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Tools and Projects
  • Hermes

  • VisiNav

VisiNav is a system to search and navigate web data. The goal of VisiNav to allow casual users for posing queries beyond simple keyword searches over data integrated from thousands of web sources. Based on four atomic operations: keyword search, object navigation, facet selection, path traversal, users can incrementally assemble complex queries that yield a set of objects or trees of objects as result. Results can then be either directly displayed (for example, in a spreadsheet-like table view) or exported to application programs or online services (for example, in a map view for spatial data or calendar view for temporal data). VisiNav has been deployed in several pilots over both open web and domain-specific datasets with up to 50 million statements distributed over several machines. VisiNav has been finalist and was awarded 2nd prize in the 2009 Semantic Web Challenge.
Contact:Andreas Harth

AskTheWiki is an end-user oriented semantic search for SMW. The main goal was to provide an easy to use, but expressive search on graph structured data. It features a three stepped search process, which starts with keyword query translation to structured queries, called interpretations, allows the user to pick the interpretation, which fits best to her information need and finally provides result refinement through facetted navigation.
Read more here: Semantic Wiki Search
Try it and search this portal here: AskTheWiki
Contact: Daniel Herzig

Woogle "marries" Enterprise Search and Wikis by

  • enabling you to search enterprise information (e.g. file shares, SVN servers, issue tracking systems) from within your Wiki
  • providing social search features which allow users to collaboratively describe, discuss and rank queries and results
  • guiding the creation of Wiki content based on user's information needs.

Woogle is available as an Extension for MediaWiki (stable) and Atlassian Confluence (prototype). Try the online demo and find further information on Let us know, if you are insterested in participating in the development and scientific evaluation!
Contact: Hans-Jörg Happel

The Information Workbench is an application for interacting with the Web of data. More precisely, it manages large amounts of structured and unstructured information, which may be imported and integrated from existing sources, but also allows end users to annotate, complete and update information in a collaborative way. New paradigms for accessing information include hybrid search across the structured and unstructured data, keyword search combined with facetted search, as well as semantic query completion and interpretation, which assists the user in expressing complex information needs by an automated translation of keyword queries into hybrid queries. A Living UI based on widgets for the interaction with the data enables a homogeneous, seamless, continuous and personal experience.
Contact: Thanh Tran Duc