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Review of e-Skills Certification Schemes for ICT Professional Qualifications in Europe

Published: 2006 April
Bemerkung: Accepted: Online Journal of Management Researches (OJMR), Volume 2


HARMONISE is a project of CEPIS reviewing e-Skills certification schemes for ICT professional qualifications in support of greater harmonisation across Europe and beyond. e-Skills certification plays a crucial role implementing and promoting high standards among ICT professionals/ practitioners and ICT end users. Substantial effort is currently being made by the e-Skills community and involved stakeholders to establish a common European Framework for e-Skills (or more specific ICT Skills) and competences in Europe. ICT skills/competence frameworks are an important prerequisite for ICT competence development and related quality assurance for recognition and transferability of qualifications. In this paper we present our survey approach, applied methodology and yielded results from our ongoing investigations.

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