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Topology In Computer Science

Publications Belonging to the Area of Research
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Anthony K. Seda, Pascal Hitzler
Generalized Distance Functions in the Theory of Computation
The Computer Journal, Januar, 2008

Pascal Hitzler, Markus Krötzsch, Guo-Qiang Zhang
A categorical view on algebraic lattices in formal concept analysis
Fundamenta Informaticae, 74, (2-3), pages 301-328, Juli, 2006

Markus Krötzsch
Generalized Ultrametric Spaces in Quantitative Domain Theory
Theoretical Computer Science, 368, (1--2), pages 30--49, Dezember, 2006

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Markus Krötzsch
Morphisms in Logic, Topology, and Formal Concept Analysis
Master's thesis, Technische Universität Dresden, Februar, 2005

Pascal Hitzler
Nichtmonotone, neuro-symbolische und begriffliche Wissensverarbeitung
Habilitationsschrift (kumulativ), Dezember, 2004

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