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Model Extraction and Social Engineering Attacks on Apple LiveText

Informationen zur Arbeit

Abschlussarbeitstyp: Bachelor
Betreuer: Melanie VolkamerChristian WressneggerMattia MossanoMaximilian Noppel
Forschungsgruppe: Security • Usability • Society

Archivierungsnummer: 4961
Abschlussarbeitsstatus: Offen
Beginn: 21. Oktober 2022
Abgabe: unbekannt

Weitere Informationen

The goal of this thesis is to extract a machine learning model of Apple "Live Text" and to develop phishing attacks aimed specifically at it. Further information and some initial literature is provided in the downloadable file.

It is done in collaboration with the Research Group Intelligent System Security (ISEC).

The thesis must be carried out in English, hence, a good knowledge of it is mandatory.

Ausschreibung: Download (pdf)