The Web: Wisdom of Crowds or Wisdom of a Few?

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The Web: Wisdom of Crowds or Wisdom of a Few?

Kolloquium Angewandte Informatik

Abstract: The Web continues to grow and evolve very fast, changing our daily lives. This activity represents the collaborative work of the millions of institutions and people that contribute content to the Web as well as more than two billion people that use it. In this ocean of hyperlinked data there is explicit and implicit infor-mation and knowledge. But how is the Web? What are the activities of people? How content is generated? Web data mining is the main approach to answer these questions. Web data comes in three main flavors: content (text, images, etc.), structure (hyperlinks) and usage (navigation, queries, etc.), implying different techniques such as text, graph or log mining. Each case reflects the wisdom of some group of people that can be used to make the Web better, for example, user generated tags in Web 2.0 sites. In this presentation we explore the wisdom of crowds in relation to several dimensions such as bias, privacy, scalability, and spam. We also cover related concepts such as the long tail of the special interests of people, or the digital desert, content that nobody sees.

Speaker Bio Ricardo Baeza-Yates is VP of Research for Europe and Latin America, leading the Yahoo! Research labs at Barcelona, Spain and Santiago, Chile. Until 2012 he also supervised the lab in Haifa, Israel. Until 2005 he was the director of the Center for Web Research at the Department of Computer Science of the Engineering School of the University of Chile; and ICREA Professor and founder of the Web Research Group at the Dept. of Information and Communication Technologies of Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. He is ACM Fellow and IEEE Fellow.

(Prof. Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates)

Start: 23. Mai 2014 um 11:30
Ende: 23. Mai 2014 um 12:30

Im Gebäude 11.40, Raum: 253

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Veranstalter: Forschungsgruppe(n) Wissensmanagement
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