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XWizard: The Online Informatics Toolbox - Handbook for Teachers

Published: 2016 April
Type: Handbook
Institution: AIFB, KIT
Erscheinungsort / Ort: Karlsruhe


XWizard is a free (web) tool for the automatic visualization, manipulation and PDF generation of many types of objects from theoretical computer science (such as Turing machines, push-down and finite automata, Chomsky grammars etc.). A broad range of algorithms can be applied to the objects, producing intuitive and customizable views. XWizard is well-suited for students’ self-studies, and it is powerfull in aiding teachers at the creation of course-related material such as exercises (the X in XWizard stands for “eXercise” – and also for “anything”). This handbook explains the most important features of XWizard from a teacher’s perspective. For a more general perspective, read the document “ XWizard - Handbook for Students” or look at the help pages on the XWizard website.

Download: Media:Documentation teachers.pdf

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