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Personal Knowledge Management with Semantic Wikis

Published: 2005 Dezember
Institution: AIFB Karlsruhe


Managing knowledge is crucial in our economy. We derive requirements on personal knowledge management (finding, reminding, collaboration, knowledge re-use and cognitively adequate interfaces) from cognitive psychological research and analyse the limitations of current solutions. We introduce a RESTful, wiki-based, open architecture for semantic personal knowledge management that fulfills the analysed requirements to a high extent and gives the user a uniform way to work with knowledge on all layers (syntax, structure, formal semantics). We discuss architectural considerations and describe two implementations.

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Semantic MediaWikiKnowledgeWebSTI2


Wissensrepräsentation, Wissensmanagementsysteme, Wissensrepräsentationssprachen, Semantische Annotation, Semantische Annotierung, Wissensportale, Virtuelle Organisationen, Semantic Web, Web Science, WWW Systeme