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Doctoral Researcher in Semantic Annotation



For our EU project XLike which aims at cross-lingual knowledge extraction from news and social-texts streams we seek to fill a position for a fully funded Doctoral Researcher for two years, with renewal possible. Doctoral Researchers are hired as scientific staff.

We are seeking applications from individuals with a very good Masters degree (or equivalent) in computer science or related disciplines. Background and research interest in at least one of the topic areas Linked Data, Semantic Technologies, Collaborative Knowledge Management, Graph Mining, Statistical Data Analysis, Machine Learning is expected, preferably with expertise in Entity Resolution and Data Integration. Further, we require general competencies that qualify you for scientific work, active participation in research projects and assistance in the guidance of students and lecturing. The position requires advanced English and basic German language skills.

For details see attached document. For the official job advertisement see


Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter(in) / Doktorand(in)

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Achim Rettinger




15. Februar 2013