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Master Theses

Stefan Mill
A Qualitative Analysis of GDPR-related Issues and Compliance Practices in German Public Offices
Date of submission: 2019-03-31, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Tobias Dehling

Patrick Frey
Design and Prototypical Evaluation of a Blockchain-Based System for the Storage of Electronic Medical Records
Date of submission: 2019-03-28, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Tobias Dehling

Patrick Frey
Blockchain: Design and Implementation of a Blockchain-Based Prototype for Electronic Medical Record Access and Permission Management
Date of submission: 2019-02-15, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Olga Labazova, External Partner: Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut, Stuttgart

Maren Rabens
Gamified On-Demand Surveys: Sharpen Participant Attention to Improve Survey Result Quality
Date of submission: 2019-01-02, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Anton Grube

Chenli Liang
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions: Negative Side Effects of Gamification in Health and Wellbeing - A Delphi Study
Date of submission: 2018-11-30, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin
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