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Bachelor Theses

Simon Warsinsky
Gamification and Health Behavior Change Theories
Date of submission: 2019-04-28, Supervisor: Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin

Florian Gräbe
Towards a Benchmarking Process for Distributed Ledger Technology
Date of submission: 2019-04-28, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Niclas Kannengießer

Lara Ambrosius
Gamification of Survey Entrance: Improvement of Response Rates or Gimmickry?
Date of submission: 2019-04-26, Supervisor: Anton Grube, Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev

Chenyang Dong
Blockchain for Open Science: Addressing Existing Problems of the Peer-Review System
Date of submission: 2019-03-22, Supervisor: Benjamin Sturm

Michelle Mei-Li Pfister
A Research Agenda for Interoperability Concepts between Distributed Ledgers
Date of submission: 2019-03-11, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Niclas Kannengießer

Konstantin Knieps
Implementation-based Performance Evaluation of Distributed Ledger Technology for Personal Health Data
Date of submission: 2019-02-15, Supervisor: Tobias Dehling, Prof. Dr. Hannes Hartenstein, Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev

Mohamed Bassem Abidi
Blockchain-based system prototype for emergency health information
Date of submission: 2019-02-12, Supervisor: Tobias Dehling, Prof. Dr. Martina Zitterbart, Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev

Yicheng Feng
Cloud Computing Genomics: A Taxonomy of Platforms
Date of submission: 2018-12-06, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Scott Thiebes

Mohamed Bassem Abidi
Blockchain: Blockchain-based system prototype for electronic medical records
Date of submission: 2018-12-01, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Olga Labazova, External Partner: KIT Institut für Telematik: Martina Zitterbart, Sebastian Friebe

Anatolij Lobanov
Gamification in Onlineumfragen: Eine theoretische Untersuchung am Beispiel von On – Demand Umfragen
Date of submission: 2018-11-08, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Anton Grube

Zhouyue Chen
Blockchain: Opportunities and challenges for leveraging blockchain in the field of open science
Date of submission: 2018-10-31, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Benjamin Sturm

Moritz Tim Pietig
Adressing Open Science Challenges with Blockchain: a Literature Review
Date of submission: 2018-10-02, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Olga Labazova

Yasemin Eroglu
Risks of Gamification in Healthare and Well-being: A Literature Review
Date of submission: 2018-09-27, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin

Jianhao Huang
Blockchain:The Impact of Blockchain on Healthcare
Date of submission: 2018-09-04, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Olga Labazova

Philipp Danylak
Use of Privacy Enhancing Technologies - A Qualitative Study
Date of submission: 2018-08-28, Supervisor: Ali Sunyaev, Tobias Dehling
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