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Master Theses

Rebecca Bauer
Multi-source Knowledge Graph Completion with Machine Learning Embeddings
Date of submission: 2019-07-28, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Maribel Acosta

Paul Schindler
Automatische Augmentierung durch Netzwerk Visualisierung
Date of submission: 2019-07-14, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Rainer Stiefelhagen

Stephan Ultsch
Cookbook for semantic integration of data sources in an enterprise data lake
Date of submission: 2019-06-25, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter

Viktoria Bogdanova
Improving Representation Learning by Crossmodal Perception Models
Date of submission: 2019-06-12, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Achim Rettinger

Samuel Abt
Dynamic scaling of containerized applications based on real-time metrics
Date of submission: 2019-05-31, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Philipp Zehnder

Gilda Karimzadeh
Verbesserung der logik-basierten Suche eines klinischen Wissensmanagementsystems
Date of submission: 2019-05-29, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter

Tobias Dillig
Creating a User Similarity Model for shared Account Identification
Date of submission: 2019-04-30, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Tobias Weller

Andreas Jankowoi
Evaluierung von workfloworientierte-Anwendungsentwicklung auf Basis von Azure mit Hilfe eines Low-Code
Date of submission: 2019-04-26, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter

Marvin Gießing
Predictive Maintenance
Date of submission: 2019-03-29, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Achim Rettinger

Tom Gelbling
Pre-processing of Streaming data on the edge: Comparison and benchmarking of existing tools
Date of submission: 2019-01-12, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Dominik Riemer

Sebastian Findeisen
Kontinuierliche Vorhersage von Laborergebnissen, durch die Integration maschineller Lernverfahren in Stream Processing Systemen
Date of submission: 2018-12-17, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Andreas Oberweis

Tobias Schmitt
Improving Data-Driven NLUs by applying different Training-Data Concepts
Date of submission: 2018-11-30, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Cedric Kulbach

Sebastian Blank
Querying NoSQL with Deep Learning to Answer Natural Language Questions
Date of submission: 2018-06-27, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Achim Rettinger, Aditya Mogadala

Kalina-Seslava Nenova
Survey and Evaluation of Syntactic and Semantic Web API Description Languages
Date of submission: 2018-06-27, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Maria Maleshkova

Raphael Schmitz
Native Cloud Reference Architecture for Enterprise Machine Learning
Date of submission: 2018-06-21, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Maribel Acosta

Heiko Becker
Classification of WEB APIs Using NLP
Date of submission: 2018-06-18, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Sebastian Bader

Jan-Peter Schmidt
Konzeptionelle und prototypische Digitalisierung von Industrie 4.0 Geräten mittels virtuellen Repräsentationen
Date of submission: 2018-06-11, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Sebastian Bader

Quy Thinh Nguyen
Web Api Crawler
Date of submission: 2018-05-30, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Sebastian Bader

Andrea Dora Levay
Design and Implementation of a Smart Contract Application to Ensure Data Integrity
Date of submission: 2018-04-27, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Maria Maleshkova

Han Che
Technology facilitated learning - Impact of digital time tracking on study beginners
Date of submission: 2018-03-28, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Matthias Frank
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