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Master Theses

Hendrik Becker
Interoperability of Hyperledger Aries and Solid Pods in the Context of Verifiable Credentials and Their Representation
Date of submission: 2022-04-27, Supervisor: Tobias Käfer, Christoph Braun

Emilie Geiler
Towards Online Analysis with Neural Networks
Date of submission: 2022-02-14, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Cedric Kulbach

Lucas Reissenberger
Applying Text Recognition to Mixed Handwritten and Printed Forms
Date of submission: 2022-01-28, Supervisor: Steffen Thoma, Michael Färber

Daniel Ebi
Dealing with Concept Drift in Federated Learning
Date of submission: 2022-01-03, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Marco Heyden

Meng Luan
Disambiguating Bibliographic References in Large Scholarly Datasets
Date of submission: 2021-11-02, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Tarek Saier

Simon Richebächer
Enabling API Interoperability with Ontology Matching
Date of submission: 2021-10-11, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Jacqueline Höllig

Samuel Printz
Leveraging Structural Information from Knowledge Graphs for Entity Linking
Date of submission: 2021-07-28, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Kristian Noullet

Haiou Wan
Automated Deep Generative Modeling for Time Series Analysis
Date of submission: 2021-07-26, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Jacqueline Höllig, Marco Heyden

Igor Shapiro
Sequence Labeling for Reference Parsing of Cyrillic Script Scholarly Data
Date of submission: 2021-06-27, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Tarek Saier

Tim Bossenmaier
Visual Process Monitoring A Low-Code Approach to Digitalizing and Monitoring Manufacturing Processes
Date of submission: 2021-05-31, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Philipp Zehnder

Lucas Cazzonelli
Towards Autoencoders for Feature Extraction
Date of submission: 2021-05-31, Supervisor: Michael Färber, Cedric Kulbach

Christoph Hermann-Josef Braun
Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability in incrementally created distributed Knowledge Graphs
Date of submission: 2021-04-29, Supervisor: Tobias Käfer, Michael Färber

Nevena Nikolajevic
Domain-specific Word Embeddings to Enable Ontology-Population
Date of submission: 2020-12-29, Supervisor: Lars Heling, Maribel Acosta

Daniel Markus Hagenmayer
Exploring Convolutional Neural Networks - Labelling of filters
Date of submission: 2020-11-23, Supervisor: Maribel Acosta, Anna Nguyen

Daniela Kaun
Explaining Reinforcement Learning through its World Model
Date of submission: 2020-10-28, Supervisor: Patrick Philipp, Maribel Acosta

Lin Ao
Enhancing the Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph
Date of submission: 2020-09-28, Supervisor: Maribel Acosta, Michael Färber

Michael Rößler
Entwicklung eines Frameworks zur Bewertung von Daten und deren Qualität für den Einsatz von maschinellen Lernverfahren in Industrie 4.0 Anwendung
Date of submission: 2020-09-14, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Tarek Saier

Kai Jungel
Rich Reinforcement: Feature Feedback with Adversarial Penalization
Date of submission: 2020-07-31, Supervisor: Patrick Philipp, Maribel Acosta

Helen Schneider
Enterprise-wide Process Automation in Virtual Manufacturing Environments using Semantic Web Technologies
Date of submission: 2020-07-31, Supervisor: Maribel Acosta, Tobias Käfer

Marco Goltze
Linked Open Data usage in Business Intelligence systems
Date of submission: 2020-06-01, Supervisor: York Sure-Vetter, Michael Färber
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