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Semweb4j: RDF2Go and RDFReactor

Home of RDF2Go and RDFReactor

Contact persons: Max Völkel, Roland Stühmer

Research group: Web Science

Publication date: 3 Oktober 2006


RDFReactor views the RDF data model through object-oriented Java proxies. It makes using RDF easy for Java developers. Technically, it translates an ontology into corresponding Java classes. RDF2Go is an abstraction over triple (and quad) stores. It allows developers to program against RDF2Go interfaces and choose or change the implementation later easily. RDFReactor uses RDF2Go.

Max Völkel, Leo Sauermann, Benjamin Heitmann, Roland Stühmer, Werner Thiemann, Steffen Ryll, Sebastian Gerke, Antoni Mylka


Max Völkel
RDFReactor -- From Ontologies to Programatic Data Access
Proc. of the Jena User Conference 2006, Online, Mai, 2006

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Max Völkel, York Sure
RDFReactor - From Ontologies to Programmatic Data Access
Poster and Demo at International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2005, Galway, Ireland, November, 2005

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