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Recent trends suggest that besides textual information, websites contain an increasing amount of semantic data that can be processed more effectively by machines. Prominent examples are the large amount of microformat and RDFa data embedded in Web pages today that represent rich semantic information about real-world objects such as products, reviews and restaurants. Major players like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are pushing this development of a „Semantic Web“ by showing richer snippets for websites containing semantic information (called Semantic Websites), thus providing incentives for website owners to enrich and “semantify” their content. This seminar is concerned with the technical and business aspects of Semantic Websites. In particular, concrete topics include Semantic Web Engineering solutions for Semantic Website construction, maintenance, storage, publishing and interlinking with other Websites, and business concepts for exploiting the richness and semantics of these Websites. Result of this seminar might be (a) a “Seminararbeit” that deals with one of the mentioned topic, (b) a tool that implements some aspects of Semantic Web Engineering, up to a (c) commercialisable application that exploits Semantic Websites for a business need. Implementation can be done either from scratch or be built upon the platform we jointly develop with fluidOps for Semantic Web Engineering and Semantic Web application development called the Information Workbench.




A list of topics will be published at a later time.