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Research Assistant

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Job Description

Your tasks: The research assistants will support the scientific staff of the Information Service Engineering (ISE) research group working on large open knowledge graphs [1,2] in tasks like data analysis, knowledge modeling, data cleaning, and knowledge mining. [1] [2] Personal qualification: • We are looking for students (Bachelor or Master level) in computer science, industrial engineering, information sciences or similar, preferably at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ( KIT ) • Knowledge and experience in the development of software applications, preferably in Python and/or Java • Basic knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Linked Data Engineering, Information Retrieval and/or Data Science • Basic knowledge in the use of knowledge graphs, such as DBpedia or Wikidata • Ability to quickly familiarize yourself with new topics and tasks • Sufficient language skills in English to work in an international team The payment is based on the rates of the state of Baden-Württemberg for academic assistants. The employment is temporary. Please send your detailed application documents in by e-mail to: • Prof. Dr. Harald Sack (harald sack∂fiz-karlsruhe de or harald sack∂kit edu ) • Dr. Maria Koutraki (maria koutraki∂fiz-karlsruhe de or maria koutraki∂kit edu )

Job Type

Student Assistants / Tutors

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Contact Person

Harald Sack

Research Group

Information Service Engineering

Closing Date for Applications

No information available