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Promoting New Ways for Certification, Accreditation and Assessment

Published: 2006 Dezember
Ausgabe: 3
Reihe: CEPIS Workshop Proceedings eChallenges, 20 October 2005, Ljubljana, Slovenia - in progress
Verlag: CEPIS Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

The Workshop “Promoting New Ways for Certification, Accreditation and Assessment” was held on 20th October 2005 at the e2005 eChallenges Con-ference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The workshop was organised as the year before by CEPIS jointly with Cedefop. The workshop aimed to discuss and to analyse the current situation and the actual needs to further leverage new ways of train-ing and certification in Europe. It intends to discuss and to point out available options towards the development of recognised standards for e-skills and related qualifications in Europe. The workshop was divided into two sessions which were attended by 42 participants in total. The sessions were chaired by Wolf-fried Stucky (CEPIS) and by Burkart Sellin (Cedefop).

ISBN: 3-9810441-3-4
VG Wort-Seiten: 136
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