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Conceptualizing Narratives in Gamified Information Systems

Published: 2022 Januar
Verlag: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Organisation: 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Converging hedonic and utilitarian elements under the label of gamification has become an important phenomenon in information systems over the last decade. Yet, academic discourse on narratives in gamified IS remains scarce. To advance scholarly engagement, this study recontextualizes the concept of narratives for gamified IS. Based on the theoretical lens of hedonic and utilitarian consumption, we conducted a hermeneutic literature review in which we engaged with existing conceptualizations of narratives in a total of 84 studies across various disciplines. Results include a basic conceptualization of narratives complemented by six claims that may shape our way of thinking about narratives in gamified IS. Our findings contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of narratives in gamified IS that goes beyond that of traditional game elements. It may serve as a cornerstone for further discourse on narratives and how to meaningfully design them in gamified IS.

ISSN: 2572-6862
Download: Media:gamif narrative conceptualization.pdf
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DOI Link: 10.24251/HICSS.2022.197


Critical Information Infrastructures