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Using ChatOps to Achieve Continuous Certification of Cloud Services

Published: 2022 Januar
Verlag: University of Hawai'i at Manoa / Hamilton Library
Organisation: 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)

Continuous service certification (CSC) recently emerged as a promising means to provide ongoing assurances and disrupt pertinent certification approaches. CSC involves the consistent gathering and assessing of certification-relevant data by certification authorities about service operation to validate ongoing adherence to certification criteria. While research on CSC is increasing, practitioners still struggle in transferring researchers' suggestions and guidelines into practice. This study provides a tentative design and a prototype of a monitoring-based service certification (MSC) system based on the novel ChatOps approach. Iterative evaluations support our propositions that ChatOps' three key elements, a chat platform, chatbots, and third-party integrations, support the achievement of CSC. We contribute to research and practice by proving the technical feasibility of an MSC system, guiding future research and practitioners on achieving monitoring-based CSC, and validate the applicability and usefulness of extant guidelines on monitoring-based CSC proposed by prior research.

Download: Media:CSC_ChatOps_final.pdf


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