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Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions

Published: 2003
Ausgabe: 9
Nummer: 7
Reihe: J.UCS Special Issue
Verlag: Know-Center, Springer
Bemerkung: pp. 579-728

Professional knowledge management is a critical success factor in today's enterprises. The efficacy of a knowledge management (KM) project depends heavily on a successful coordination of issues such as corporate culture, organizational processes, human resource management and information technology. It is currently not well understood how best to balance and align these issues. In order to facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas which might lead to new, holistic approaches, the biennial conference series "Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions" was set up and held for the first time in March 2001 in Baden-Baden, Germany. The second conference took place April 2003 in Luzern, Switzerland. Some of the most interesting papers from the recent conference have been revised and extended by their authors to appear in this special issue of J.UCS.

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