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Vorträge von Philipp Sorg

Philipp Sorg
Overview of the CriES Pilot Challenge: Dataset, Topics and Results
Conference on Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access Evaluation, 
Padua,  23.9.2010

Philipp Sorg
Combining Concept Based and Text Based Indexes for CLIR
CLEF 2009 Workshop, 
Korfu,  1.10.2009

Philipp Sorg
Explicit Versus Latent Concept Models for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
21st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 
Pasadena, CA,  16.7.2009

Philipp Sorg
An Experimental Comparison of Explicit SemanticAnalysis Implementations for Cross-Language Retrieval
14th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, 
Saarbrücken,  25.6.2009

Philipp Sorg
Learning Methods in Multi-Grained Query Answering.
ISWC08 Doctoral Consortium, 
Karlsruhe,  25.10.2008

Philipp Sorg
Enriching the crosslingual link structure of Wikipedia - A classification-based approach.
AAAI 2008 Workshop on Wikipedia and Artificial Intelligence, 
Chicago,  13.7.2008