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Prof. Dr. Pascal Hitzler

Former Member

Wright State University, Dayton, OH

Former: Akademischer Rat (Research Associate and Lecturer)

Research group: Web Science



Active Projects

External Link:

Textbook - Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies
Co-chair, Dagstuhl Seminar on Perspectives of Recurrent Neural Networks - Models, Capacities, and Applications, January 2008
RR2008 steering committee vice-chair
Editorial Board Member of Atlantis Press book series "Thinking Machines"
OWLED2008 steering committee member
Workshop co-chair, NatuReS, Nature inspired Reasoning for the Semantic Web at ISWC08, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 2008
ICCS2008 steering committee member
Workshop co-chair, ARea2008, Advancing Reasoning on the Web: Scalability and Commonsense. Workshop at ESCWC2008, Teneriffe, Spain, June 2008
Editor-in-Chief of IOS Press book series "Studies on the Semantic Web"
Journal of Artificial General Intelligence Editorial Board Member
Workshop co-chair, AST2008, 3rd International Workshop on Applications of Semantic Technologies at Informatik2008, Munich, Germany, September 2008
Workshop co-chair, NeSy'08, Fourth International Workshop on Neural-symbolic Learning and Reasoning at ECAI2008
OWLED2008DC steering committee member
RR2007 Steering Committee Vice-Chair
ICCS2007 Steering Committee Member
Textbook on Semantic Web - Grundlagen
FAInt-07 Workshop Co-organiser
Journal Advances in Artificial Intelligence Editoral Board Member
AST2007 Workshop Co-organiser
NeSy'07 Workshop Co-organiser
OWLED 2007 Steering Committee Member
Invited talk at the 4th International Symposium on Domain Theory, ISDT06, Changsha, China, June 2006
ICCS2006 Programme co-chair
Co-organiser OWLED2006, Second Workshop OWL - Experiences and Directions
RoW06 co-organiser at WWW2006
Editorial board, Book series Begabtenförderung im MINT-Bereich, Aegis-Verlag, Ulm
NeSy06 co-organiser at ECAI06
ARW05 Panel member on What contribution can automated reasoning make to eScience?
NeSy05 Workshop co-organiser at IJCAI-05
FOnt2005 co-organizer at KI2005