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Ontologie-basierter Zugriff auf verteilte und semi-strukturierte Informatione

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During the last years the WWW has become increasingly popular leading to a increditible large amount of knowledge that is provided by it. However, intelligent access to its knowledge pieces is still very limited. The Ontobroker project uses ontologies to annotate and wrap Web documents and provides an ontology-based answering service to overcome this bottleneck. The Ontobroker supports clients that query for knowledge as well as providers that want to enhange the accessability of their web documents.

Involvierte Personen
Michael ErdmannSteffen StaabRudi Studer


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WissensrepräsentationOntology EngineeringSemantic Web OntoBroker (Wissensrepräsentation, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web)

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Noah Friedland, Paul Allen, Gavin Matthews, Michael Witbrock, David Baxter, Jon Curtis, Blake Shepard, Pierluigi Miraglia, Jürgen Angele, Steffen Staab, Eddie Mönch, Henrik Oppermann, Dirk Wenke, Bruce Porter, Ken Barker, James Fan, Shaw Yi Chaw, Peter Yeh, Dan Tecuci, Peter Clark
Project Halo: Towards a Digital Aristotle
AI Magazine, 2004

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Philipp Cimiano
ORAKEL: A Natural Language Interface to an F-Logic Knowledge Base
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, Seiten: 401-406, Springer, LNCS

Noah Friedland, Paul Allen, Michael Witbrock, Gavin Matthews, Nancy Salay, Pierluigi Miraglia, Jürgen Angele, Steffen Staab, David Israel, Vinay Chaudhri, Bruce Porter, Ken Barker, Peter Clark
Towards a Quantitative, Platform-Independent Analysis of Knowledge Systems
Proceedings of the Conference on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning - KR-2004, Seiten: 507-515, AAAI Press, Juni, 2004

C. Fillies, York Sure
On Visualizing the Semantic Web in MS Office
6th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV02), 10 - 12 July 2002, London, England

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