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Publications by Olivier Sandel


Tamara Högler, Rebecca Bulander, Gunther Schiefer, Olivier Sandel
Rechtliche Grundlagen des Mobilen Marketings
In Pousttchi, K.; Turowski, K. (Hrsg.), Mobile Economy - Transaktionen, Prozesse, Anwendungen und Dienste, pages: 178 - 189, LNI, Augsburg, Februar, 2004

Olivier Sandel, Tamara Högler, Rebecca Bulander
Privacy and Security of Personal Data: requirements and techniques for mobile communication terminals and applications
In Branki, C.; Unland, R.; Wanner, G. (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the MKWI 2004 Track on Techniques and Applications for Mobile Commerce, Essen, März, 2004

Victor Pankratius, Olivier Sandel, Wolffried Stucky
Retrieving Content with Agents in Web Service E-Learning Systems
The Symposium on Professional Practice in AI, IFIP WG12.5 - First IFIP Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI), Toulouse, France, August, 2004

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