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Offene Abschlussarbeiten (Bachelor / Master) - Critical Information Infrastructures (CII)

Bei allgemeinen Fragen zu Abschlussarbeiten oder Themenvorschlägen wenden Sie sich bitte an Scott Thiebes

Internet Technologies: Objective information retrieval and information literacy
Supervisor: Benjamin Sturm

Internet Technologies: Data Driven Value Chains in Platform Economics
Supervisor: Jan Bartsch

IT-Certification: Traditional vs. Dynamic Certification - Is there really a difference?
Supervisor: Heiner Teigeler

Governance of Personal Information Flows: A Story of Humans, Computers, and Policies
Supervisor: Jan Bartsch

Gamification: Gamification Projects
Supervisor: Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin

GDPR in the Cloud: Taking Stock of Cloud Providers’ Challenges and Mitigating Strategies
Supervisor: Malte Greulich

Fog Computing - Continuous Service Certification
Supervisor: Heiner Teigeler

Feature Selection for Adaptive Gamification
Supervisor: Simon Warsinsky

Effects of Gamification on Cognitive Load
Supervisor: Simon Warsinsky

Digital Health: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: A Temporal Analysis of Business Models
Supervisor: Philipp Toussaint

Digital Health: Cloud Computing in Health Care
Supervisor: Scott Thiebes

CII:Trustworthy AI and Software in Cars
Supervisor: Maximilian Renner

Blockchain: Quality of Distributed Ledger Technology Designs
Supervisor: Niclas Kannengießer

Blockchain: Breaking Bad: Data Analysis of Blockchain-User Interaction
Supervisor: Scott Thiebes, Konstantin Pandl

Blockchain: Blockchain for Open Science
Supervisor: Benjamin Sturm

Blockchain: Blockchain for Genomics
Supervisor: Mikael Beyene, Scott Thiebes

Artificial Intelligence: Unblackboxing Artificial Intelligence - Towards a Definition
Supervisor: Scott Thiebes, Konstantin Pandl

Artificial Intelligence: How much is my health data worth?
Supervisor: Konstantin Pandl

Artificial Intelligence: Federated Learning for Healthcare
Supervisor: Konstantin Pandl

Artificial Intelligence: Federated Aggregation of Random Forests
Supervisor: Florian Leiser

Applied Cryptography: Privacy for emerging Digital Health Solutions
Supervisor: Konstantin Pandl